About us

In April 2014, ThinkThrive! Community Interest Company was born. We chose to become a social enterprise to support our community and work towards a thriving sustainability. ThinkThrive! grew out of our work over the last five years training people in self-management skills, and from our interests and experiences in recovery, discovery , mental well-being, and psychology.

Our tools and training are enablers: we are seeking ways to support you to do things with your life that build your experiences of thriving, both individually and through/with your community. We seek to support you to ask questions, to explore your needs and values, to find for yourself what helps you to thrive more, to discern between things that help and things that hinder, to gain control of your narrative.

In the modern world, life can be very fast, there is much inequality, and many people can suffer from stress, distress, and lack of support. This is lived and experienced in a great variety of different ways. Our tools and trainings are not about having a diagnosed illness. They are about working with the grit that makes you want to change, helping you to find the answers that change and improve your life, and live more of the life you want. Your life. No-one elses’s.

Our tools and trainings derive from our experiences of life, from sharing that richness, personal and professional through our work over many years. We promote the idea that dissatisfaction can be the grit which, when seen as learning experiences about ourselves and our relationships with others, can be the spur to change and improve your life. Becoming more aware of how you are thinking, and that you can change that, and how you manage yourself, are the keys to building the skills to lead a more meaningful life, more of the life you want.

Current research now demonstrates that the physical brain does change and grow throughout life. ‘The brain is neuroplastic – activity and mental experience can be used to change the structure of connections within it’ (Norman Doidge, Stories of Remarkable Recoveries and Discoveries). This research affirms that physical changes happen in the brain in response to changes we make in our behaviours and thinking, in response to our efforts to learn, to overcome obstacles, to think and act in ways that are different to the habitual ‘fixed’ mindset.


We know that people can learn how to thrive in their lives, despite difficult experiences (and nearly all of us have these at some time or another: check out our stories). We believe the tools and trainings we offer are useful for anyone wanting to improve their life. The answer to the question ‘how do we empower people?’ is simple: we don’t. People empower themselves by asking questions and learning. Our tools and trainings are about searching for useful questions, inspiring you with stories, and helping you develop a mindset to help you grow into a more thriving life. Have a look at our stories at our trainings programmes, and at the tools in our shop.