Acceptance and Commitment Training Workshop with Nuno Ferreira – Feedback

Acceptance and Commitment Training with Nuno Ferreira

Just completed our weekend of Acceptance and Commitment Training with Nuno Ferreira. An extremely valuable learning experience that, for Think Thrive! at least, begins our journey into ACT training, I think also for many other attendees on the course.

A big thank you to Nuno Ferreira for an excellent and accessible presentation, leading us through the basics of ACT. Thanks to the Think Thrive! folk who hosted the training and to attendees, especially those who traveled long distances to get here!

Some of the feedback from the workshop participants:

Excellent insight, well delivered by skilled knowledgeable presenter.
Well organised by Think Thrive!
Excellent! Worth coming down for.
Welcoming, interactive, stayed on course.
Fantastic! Thank you so much for making this happen for us all.
I didn’t really know what to expect but I feel fortunate that I could attend.
I found this workshop very informative.
Very informative and helpful.
Good speaker, was great and made content easier to understand.
I enjoyed it, it is impossible to fix others!
Well arranged, great attendees.
Found myself exercising muscles I didn’t know I had.
An invaluable way of making ACT accessible to all people at all levels of mental health and it’s recovery focussed delivery.
Enlightening and rich although at times challenging.
Trainer truly believes in ACT this makes a huge difference, he was open, honest and realistic.
Very thought provoking, interesting and enjoyable.
The facilitator was very authentic, thank you!
Extremely valuable content. Very good practically and illuminating theoretical aspects.
Presenter clearly committed and well prepared.
Been fantastic, wish we had more time for role play and skills practice.
Extremely informative and helpful!
Thank you for having me.

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