Our New Book is Here!

Our new book is now HERE! It is a book of poetry called “I WALK THE LAND” about being in the wild environment and our relationship with natural world. A photograph is shown along with each poem of the beautiful landscapes of Scotland.

For a donation of £10 you will receive a copy of the book posted to you.


Please help us get this book published, thank you!

From the book, a poem from the woods:

“Deep in the woods,
Luminous bright green,
Spreads like a halo
Round old, old trunks.

Life is surging
Amidst the Spring warmth
Inquisitive shoots adventure
Through the hummus of the woodland floor.

The Earth scent oozes
When I touch the ground
Musty sweet, fecund
As moist and urgent as lust.

A cacophony of birdsong above
The canopy scintillating
Staccato, shrilling, shrieking
Territories, courting, competing.

Beneath the hill the river
Impassive, calm, deep.
Time stretches its slow erosion
Framing this vignette of seasonal life.”

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