Oomph! Bike Trips 2018 – Feedback

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The Oomph! Bike Trips in 2018 were fantastic! Relaxing, enjoyable, fun!

BIG THANKS! To Think Thrive! Staff, Volunteers and everyone who joined us on a bike trip – well done and see you in 2019!!

Here are some of the thing people said after their bike trips:

• Thoroughly enjoyed the ride, reminds me of why I enjoy cycling!
• Freedom! Downhill run exhilarating after uphill.
• Cycling together created a sense of community for me – I didn’t feel alone.
• Realising that I can do this – opens up opportunities for me.
• Group helped me do this.
• Comfy bike and company makes it good!
• Loved having company, good weather, lovely sights.
• Great having someone to blether with.
• Comfortable, good pace for talking
• Very enjoyable, nice distance, great weather
• Enjoyed company for doing physical activity
• Look forward to another ride!
• I felt supported and guided by [staff]
• Refreshing, beautiful countryside, open spaces
• Not too hard, I knew I could stop if needed
• Beautiful scenery, stopping for rests in lovely places.
• I had good brakes and good instructions.
• Relaxing, great fun!
• Great opportunity to meet people and have a great experience
• Good fun, relaxing
• Good opportunity to exercise and meet people interested in biking with the same ability
• Great day out, would definitely recommend
• I felt refreshed, relaxed and energised!
• I’d like to say Thank You! for making the effort at having this group cycle!

Lastly, we are on a tight budget with this project, we had support from Foundation Scotland in 2018 and we are raising the funds we need to run the trips next year in the Spring/Summer 2019. If you can spare a few quid, please donate – click the link here for the donation page, thank you!


Watch some videos of the bike routes here (the videos are slightly compressed so they appear to be faster than they actually are whilst you are cycling):

The Traverse of the Gods: on the Gala loop, above the Tweed at Caddonfoot:

The cyclepath from Cardrona towards Peebles, along the Tweed:

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