Graeme Nisbet

Hi! I’m Graeme and I am Co-director of Think Thrive! I have been on a journey to get  here, and this journey grows more exciting as the way forward gets clearer.

I have experienced various forms of psychosis for twenty years, mostly this was anger and disaffection. During this time I worked as an artist, trying to make sense of my perception of the world. It has only been by doing a lot of work on myself, in training and in therapy that I found value in the work. I have published a book of my journey and my art, as it is a legitimate exploration of myself and my own perception. Learn more about this here.

In 2006, I realised that my life was not working and that things had to change. I was desperate to change and got involved with a local mental health charity, volunteering. In representing the charity, I found the idea of recovery  and helped found the recovery network. I trained in self-management and became a trainer and took an Open University Course in Psychology.

Life then became different for me. In 2014 I was given a late stage diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome and I waste no time thinking, if this had been diagnosed when I was at school and I’d been able to get help then, my life would have been very different. Instead, I think that my life is my own responsibility,  and I am proud of the gifts I have from a brain that works differently to a neurotypical brain. I have synesthesia and kinesthesia and in July 2017 I graduated with a degree in psychology, so I now have the language to explain the processes of my brain and my own psychology.

My book is an exploration of the lived experience of Asperger’s perception,  it is available HERE if you donate to our fundraiser. It includes 20 years of artwork and a psychological insight into the modes of perception.

Through recovery I found the tools to take my life forward,  I moved into paid work  in 2012 and I hope that reading my bio gives you the courage to do the  work and find recovery for yourself.

Best wishes, Graeme


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