John Philip

Hi I’m John and I am a Co-Director of Think Thrive! CIC

It is a little strange to look back at my major depressive episode in 2002 and say that it was one of the worst & best things that ever happened to me, a truly defining time which changed forever how I’d look at life. Yes, the darkest days I’d never want to experience again, but what transpired on my re(dis)covery journey ensures that I’m highly unlikely to ever see the like.

I once was asked what caused my depression and after a little thought I said “The fallacy that I had infinite resource (to cope) and the denial of my self needs”. For the former, finding my voice and having the confidence to say “No” happened early on in the recovery journey… the latter took lots more time and searching.

One of the wonderful surprises in looking at what kept me happy and well, was that I decided to revisit the historical fun/distracting/engaging things that I’d abandoned as well as some that I’d only half heartedly entertained. A lot of this was consolidated by doing such things as WRAP and mindfulness, but ultimately I found that tools such as these are effective at “maintaining” wellness but lack a bit of momentum or organic growth to get to a more creative and flourishing place.

I do know that, sometimes from an unexpected quarter, a gem of a life changing idea will emerge; it just needs a different way of thinking to truly thrive!

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