Pat Mosel

It’s a pleasure to be able to tell you, once and for all, that I am Pat because there have been times during episodes of illness that I haven’t known who I am or where I am. Now, I am me, along with billions of other people on this crazy planet.

I am a devotee of WRAP, am exploring the concept of the healing power of narrative, am a member of the committee of ThinkThrive! and, finally have a sense of belonging in my adopted country of Scotland.

My homeland changed its name from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe. Even before that, I had become a British citizen. I changed my surname twice through abortive marriages. Mosel is my maiden name, never again to change. I have two daughters and have recently passed through that rite of passage – becoming a grandparent for the first time.

When I was a child, my mother used to be at her wits’ end because I was not afraid of anything. Along with a sense of adventure, I always had inner drive – first for dance and then for creative writing.

During a long period of wellness, I wrote four novels. The writing was the easy part. The idea of publishing was daunting. I started publishing at the same time that I took the WRAP course and it was the tools WRAP gave me that helped me to take the leap from the comfortable, solitary life of writing through the demanding procedure of publishing, through to the exposure of going public, the readings, the marketing.

WRAP is not just a one-off planning guide. It is an on-going process, a companion, if you like.

I have now published two novels and continue to write. The novels are ‘Jerusha’s Tricks’ and ‘Ruth’. See I am still publishing work, and writing poems, short stories as ever, and am working on a radio play as well as editing other people’s manuscripts.

Well, that kind of wraps it up for the moment.

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