The Oomph! Bike Project

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We’ve Renamed our  Bike Project “the Oomph Project!”

“Magic day out all round!”

…because folk who’ve cycled with us have found the Oomph! coming back! f you want to try out cycling with us, CONTACT US HERE

We’ve been running bike trips throughout the SPRING/SUMMER 2017 in the Hawick area, between peebles and Innerleithen, the Tweed Valley Cycle Route round Galashiels and along the coast from Berwick to Holy Island. We’ll keep going while the weather holds in the Autumn.

We are grateful to Cycling Scotland for funding us through the Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund to run this project, many thanks to them!

Here are some of the things people have been saying about joining us on a bike trip:

Loved having company, good weather lovely sights.

Joy, relaxed!

Very comfortable, reasonably confident, went at a pace I could manage.

Beautiful route well chosen, friendly company!

Gorgeous scenery, trusted leader, well equipped, very nice to get out.

Feels fabulous to be back on a bike!

Bike very easy to use in comparison to what I remember, last rode 20 years ago!

Best things were a chat and the buzz of getting fit.

Extremely enjoyable, liked the security and leadership.

Really good and feeling great!

In a group together was good!

Built up my confidence gradually and feel a lot more comfortable now!

Feel myself getting fitter in a few short weeks.

Best thing was cycling together and keeping each other going.

Would you like to cycle with us again?: As often as possible! I even took my bike yesterday to the shops instead of taking the car!

Magic day out all round, thank you’s!

I’d like to say thank you, making the effort at having this cycle group!

If you want to know more about the trips or put your name on the list for a place EMAIL US HERE with a phone number and we will call you with details. I’m Graeme and will be leading on this project and I’m happy to talk through how the bike trip would work for you.

I hope you can join us, it’s great fun!!

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