Our Training programmes

Our training courses are designed for anybody looking for answers to questions of how do I change my life? We deliver training that is for people disaffected with life and for whom life is not working. Each training programme is about searching for the appropriate questions and about developing a “growth mindset”.

People with lived experience of mental health issues who are looking for answers will find WRAP an excellent introduction to the idea that you can recover from mental illness.

Stepping Stones and our See Me project are about people telling their stories of recovery.

Healing through Stories is about finding the transformative power of the imagination in talking about ourselves and overcoming obstacles.
FLOAT is about finding the journey towards fulfilment of unmet need and is for anyone trying to change their lives.

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How To Keep Afloat Training for Carers

“I feel I’ve been given permission to care for myself!” How To Keep Afloat Training for Carers is a…Read more

The Oomph! Bike Project

We’ve Renamed our  Bike Project “the Oomph Project!” “Magic day out all round!” …because folk who’ve cycled with us…Read more

Acceptance and Commitment Training Pilot Group

We are planning a pilot course in Acceptance and Commitment Training and we are keen to hear from anyone…Read more

The ‘See Me’ project

The project is designed to address issues of stigma and discrimination through personal contact. It is a chance to…Read more

Fulfilling Life’s Opportunities And Thriving!

We have been delivering WRAP training for five years and find it very effective. A lot of people, at…Read more

Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)

We have been delivering WRAP training for 5 years throughout the Borders. This last year, we completed a programme…Read more

Stepping Stones to Recovery

The Stepping Stones workshops involve a person in recovery from mental health problems telling their story of their own…Read more