Fulfilling Life’s Opportunities And Thriving!

We have been delivering WRAP training for five years and find it very effective. A lot of people, at the end of WRAP training have asked us: “What can I do next?” We decided eventually that we would have to write a new training course that would give people the tools to take the extra step.

The result is Fulfilling Life’s Opportunities And Thriving! – FLOAT! This is an experiential training course that we deliver in a group that explores personal needs.

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We all have many needs: physical needs for food and shelter, emotional needs, community needs for friends and family and psychological needs. We also have needs for peace of mind through fulfilment that Maslow calls “self-actualisation”.

This training is based on exploring your personal needs, finding a need that you have that is not being met and building a plan to meet the need.

This may not be a ‘quick fix’, it may be a long process of learning new skills or self-development with obstacles to overcome on the way. It may in fact be a journey from your point of recognising this unmet need, resolving to try and finding the way to realising fulfilment of the need.

What people have said about FLOAT

The first FLOAT workshop is now completed, a fabulous three days of fun and learning! This is what people said about the experience:

Overall impressions –

  • Cards are brilliant, a useful tool – phenomenal!
  • Realising needs you have fulfilled
  • Essential value to almost all needs
  • Card sort is exciting- it cascades
  • Haven’t experienced anything like this before
  • Learned, experienced things anew
  • Totally convinced now that I don’t need to go back on anti-depressants
  • Favourite story – the owl
  • More ready made stories would be good
  • Atmosphere lovely, friendly and open
  • Lots to be appreciative for
  • Well within my resources to move on in other areas of my life
  • More than one kind of plan
  • Useful to be coaxed out of my comfort zone
  • Owl story – helpful way to see the possibilities – more of that
  • Bite size pieces – break needs down to identify clearer what you need to work on
  • Actual stories
  • Surprised by what came out in the cards
  • The idea of making plans – a tool to help me go forward, appreciated that


  • Ideas of needs being met to different degrees – loads of mine very reasonable met
  • Potential for identifying how to move them on
  • My capacity for planning in area of thriving is more than I imagined
  • Self awareness
  • How to go forward with a plan
  • The things I need to plan on
  • How fortunate I am
  • That there are many tools to help without needing mediation
  • If you try you can see the positive side of yourself
  • Clarity of needs
  • What ones are being met or not met
  • How to plan for an unmet need
  • Strengths
  • Needs

The workshop

  • Enjoyable
  • Stimulating
  • Challenging while supporting
  • Learning
  • Awareness
  • Fun
  • Excellent
  • Open atmosphere
  • Informative – Friendly
  • Enlightening
  • Educational
  • Inspiring
  • Challenging
  • Fun
  • Supportive
  • Thanks to the team for their obvious hard work – and keeping control of us!!