How To Keep Afloat Training for Carers

“I feel I’ve been given permission to care for myself!”

How To Keep Afloat Training for Carers is a series of 6 x 2 1/2 Hour workshops in a Peer Group of other Carers.

The emphasis of this training is self-compassion and emotional resilience. We use different exercises to explore the relationship we have with ourselves. As Carers, we need to keep ourselves well in order to be effective Carers.

We begin by looking at our narratives, our stories and the journeys we are on. These focus, not on the person we are caring for but on ourselves.

We go on to look at how we treat ourselves,  what strengths we have and how we can build on them. We explore our personal needs, both needs we have met well and those needs we have that are unmet. For these we construct a plan to get these needs met.

We then look at self-care and self-nurture and ways in which we can care for ourselves better. Using Mindfulness exercises we explore self-compassion and develop a practice of emotional resilience. We also look at the healing power of releasing grief.

The series completes with a discussion about the way forward and we run a follow up session a month later where we check-in with each other to see what’s changing and how plans are developing.

What people have said about the workshops:

Can you describe your experience of How to Keep Afloat for Carers?

  • I’ve really enjoyed it thank you. For me, It’s been a reminder of the benefits of getting in touch with how I feel and what I need.
  • The experience has helped me learn a lot
  • Enjoyed it
  • Uplifting, heart-warming
  • Found meeting the group very therapeutic.
  • An emotional journey but an enjoyable one.
  • My experience of Staying Afloat was good I found out it’s ok to sometimes think of me
  • This course has made me realise it’s okay to forgive myself and allow me time for me
  • Positive energy
  • Very positive, caring, understanding, non-judgemental experience
  • Loved it! Warm, open, refreshing, affirming!

What, in particular have you found useful?

  • I am now slowly finding the path I should be on and can actually start walking down it
  • Mindfulness, cards, shared experiences, time out
  • Thinking about allowing myself the time to think about me.
  • Useful strategies to help cope and sort out concerns.
  • Respect from others, cards re. unmet needs
  • I’ve really loved having space to reflect and being with other people who have an appreciation of what life as a carer is like.
  • I enjoyed the unmet needs exercise as it helped focus me.
  • In particular I have found it really useful
  • I feel I’ve been given permission to care for myself
  • Being involved in a group, ‘unpicking’ certain issues, awareness raising
  • Remembering to breathe and relax my body
  • Learning meditation – fantastic!
  • It’s ok to forgive yourself and be able to think of myself a lot more

What’s changed? What are you doing differently since you started this course?

  • I am actually starting to believe in myself
  • Action through inaction
  • Enjoying my space and time and opportunities that I’ve now taken
  • Seeing “nurturing” treats as essential elements of my life
  • I feel like I’m more accepting of where I’m at just now but am also focussed on where I’d like to be in the future.
  • Thinking about myself
  • I feel less guilty about most things
  • Trying to be more thoughtful, being more positive.
  • Taking time to myself
  • I would like to meditate more and more
  • Taking a little more time for myself

“I am actually starting to believe in myself!”

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