Stepping Stones to Recovery

The Stepping Stones workshops involve a person in recovery from mental health problems telling their story of their own journey of recovery – how dark it was, how they coped and how they found recovery, leading to how life is now for the person.

We follow this with questions and answers and there is the opportunity to share from your own experience and explore how this can be of use to you.

This leads to a discussion on a theme that is based on positive psychology which offers us the chance to switch our attention from looking at what is difficult or unpleasant in our lives to look at what is good, meaningful and fulfilling.

This brings into focus things like hope, setting and achieving goals, problem solving and awareness of our personal strengths.
Over a series of 8 workshops we explore a different theme each week and talk through ideas about how we can effect personal change for ourselves.

What people are saying about Stepping Stones:

“Do you feel more confident after the workshops?”

  • I feel a big improvement in myself from attending these workshops
  • Yes definitely
  • Yes, lots more confident to the extent that people whom I interact with have noticed and commented on my confidence and are impressed too!
  • I really got a lot from Stepping Stones and I will take a lot of it with me in my life. I’m really glad I got this chance. Thank you.
  • A big thank you, for a life changing experience and positive outlook the group has given me for the future!

“What has inspired you about the workshops?”

  • Self-help advice, support and peer support
  • I learned that I am not alone with my problems
  • Sharing life’s experiences
  • That people can change their lives
  • The stories and the peer support
  • Listening to different peoples’ stories
  • Peer support is what has inspired me the most with the sense of I am worth more too and maybe able to help other people in the mental health scene and community.
  • The facilitator’s skills are fantastic and encouraging. I enjoyed how he included everyone week by week even though some were more chatty than others

“Can you say what you have learned from the workshops?”

  • Self-acceptance
  • I CAN move on in life
  • Recovery is achievable
  • Risk and positive thinking
  • Other people go through tough times but overcome difficulties
  • I am not alone, people see me!
  • Things can grow in a positive way for me, with a sense of wellbeing
  • Laugh more, enjoy more, relax more

Evaluation of Stepping Stones to Recovery Programme using Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale

(Where score 1 is “none of the time” through to 5 “all of the time”)

Statement Score at start of series Score at end of series
I’ve been feeling optimistic about the future 19/7 – 2.7 40/10 – 4.0
I’ve been feeling useful 20/7 – 2.9 39/10 – 3.9
I’ve been feeling relaxed 17/7 – 2.4 37/10 – 3.7
I’ve been feeling interested in other people 26/7 – 3.7 43/10 – 4.3
I’ve had energy to spare 23/7 – 3.3 37/10 – 3.7
I’ve been dealing with problems well 14/7 – 2.0 39/10 – 3.9
I’ve been thinking clearly 16/7 – 2.3 39/10 – 3.9
I’ve been feeling good about myself 13/7 – 1.9 37/10 – 3.7
I’ve been feeling close to other people 22/7 – 3.1 37/10 – 3.7
I’ve been feeling confident 14/7 – 2.0 36/10 – 3.6
I’ve been able to make up my own mind about things 22/7 – 3.1 40/10 – 4.0
I’ve been feeling loved 20/7 – 2.9 37/10 – 3.7
I’ve been interested in new things 24/7 – 3.4 41/10 – 4.1
I’ve been feeling cheerful 15/7 – 2.1 38/10 – 3.8
TOTALS 37.8/14 – 2.7 54/14 – 3.9

These totals reflect an overall improvement experienced by participants across the 14 indicators of the WEMWBS scale.

2.7 is the mean before the training that is 54% and 3.9 the mean after the programme completed that is 78%. This shows a 24% improvement across the health and wellbeing indicators.