The ‘See Me’ project

The project is designed to address issues of stigma and discrimination through personal contact. It is a chance to talk about mental illness, about what it’s really like and not how it is often written about in the newspapers.

1 in 4 people this year will experience mental illness. So the likelihood is, it could be you, it could be someone that’s related to you or a friend… it’s an issue that’s there for all of us.

In the climate of austerity, many people have the experience of anxiety, stress and depression. Some will experience psychosis, what does this mean to a person? What is it like and how do you overcome it? What is recovery?

We hear from a person with actual experience of mental illness, telling the story of their journey and how they have overcome illness. What have they learned about themselves and what does recovery look like?

There is a question and answer session after the story and we hope to dispel some of the myths around the experience of mental illness.

What people have said about the See Me Sharing our Stories sessions

1. How did you find the workshop today?

  • Thought provoking, insightful, illuminating
  • Very informative
  • Excellent – very informative
  • Very informative, opened my eyes to the condition
  • Made me think, increased my awareness
  • Very interesting and well done
  • The workshop was very enlightening and an eye opener about the thoughts and feelings of someone who has been affected by mental illness
  • Excellent, very thought provoking
  • Challenging but effective
  • Helpful, delivers a very powerful message

2. What did you learn from the person’s story?

  • Perspective, hope, human bravery
  • Have never listened to a ‘voice in my head’ story
  • That there is light at the end of the tunnel
  • His personal experience helped me to try and understand a little better the symptoms of how the illness can manifest
  • Importance of listening, being present, his courage
  • That he was able to get help and is in a better place
  • That someone can develop a mental health issue and be able to overcome it themselves
  • I thought it was very brave to share his story and would give me confidence to speak to tenants with similar issues
  • I learnt that it is very important to talk to someone if you experience any form of mental illness
  • Importance of seeking help early, there is always a path to recovery
  • Not to leave the person suffering alone
  • The impact it can have on all aspects of someone’s life

3. Can you name something about mental health problems that may have changed today?

  • 1 in 4 people may get it
  • Take time to listen and be more aware of this issue
  • That it can be isolating, now I know there is a support network
  • That 1 in 4 people can be affected – I didn’t know it is so widespread, mental health issues affect us all
  • Less stigma around speaking out
  • Have learned to just listen and not always try to look for solutions
  • After today, I have realised that it is incredibly important to listen
  • How common mental health issues are
  • People are willing to talk about mental health in a constructive way in the right circumstances
  • It’s always a topic that is with us and affects us all
  • That it shouldn’t be stigmatised
  • I will be able to look at it more now from the perspective of someone who has experienced mental illness
  • I feel more accepting of my own issues
  • Less anxious, I won’t avoid talking about it to people now, tackle head on
  • Accepting and understanding of it as an illness