Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)

We have been delivering WRAP training for 5 years throughout the Borders. This last year, we completed a programme part funded by Scottish Borders Council. Check our news pages for updates about when the next WRAP workshops are scheduled. We are SRN Quality Accredited WRAP Facilitators.

WRAP is short for Wellness Recovery Action Planning

It is a self-management tool designed to help you manage. To begin to think about how you are in terms of wellness – “are you well?” makes a change from seeing things in terms of what’s wrong. WRAP is about constructing an understanding of how you are when you are well, how to stay well, knowing things that make you unwell and designing ways of coping with these things.

Recovery is the central idea in WRAP, that people who have experienced mental ill health can lead meaningful and fulfilling lives with or without the symptoms of illness.

Action Planning is exactly that – it is about identifying things that have in the past been helpful in sorting out problems and WRAP is also about developing new solutions. The training programme asks questions that others have found useful in dealing with mental health issues to ask about themselves, it is not about telling you what to do. To develop your own WRAP is to find your own individual answers and design for yourself a system uniquely your own, for staying well.

Things that have proved useful to others are woven into the WRAP and include –

  • Hope, which is obvious but is a skill – awareness of nurturing hope for your own recovery is self-empowerment
  • Personal Responsibility, is a further step in self-empowerment and is a definition of your interaction in a community
  • Education, perhaps better thought of as ‘learning’ about yourself.
  • Self-Advocacy is about speaking up for yourself, finding your voice and expressing yourself in your community
  • Support, is about the networks of people that you depend on when you are well and if you become unwell.

These themes are the pillars around which to build your WRAP, which has seven sections –

  • The wellness toolbox, things that keep you well
  • The daily maintenance plan, the foundation of ordinary functioning that keeps life ticking along
  • Triggers, the external events that can cause you to become unwell and an action plan that you can use to deal with them
  • Early Warning Signs, the internal signs that things are not going well and an action plan
  • When things are breaking down – when the signs become obvious to yourself and others that all is not well and an action plan
  • Your crisis plan, things that need to be done when you need others to help you
  • Post crisis plan, how your supporters will know that you are out of the crisis zone and becoming well again.

Designing your own personalized WRAP helps you to address the questions that arise from the programme. Using your WRAP is a process that changes as you change and recover. Things that may have been useful can change as you find better and new solutions and to staying well. Confidence in yourself may increase as you resolve ways of coping with personal problems and find yourself able to avoid spiraling into crisis. Anticipating problems can lead you to swift action and those that support you may be aware of the sense of responsibility you are showing by thinking things through when you are well. Above all, you may find that your sense of hope of a better future becomes grounded in the belief in your own ability to cope with the issues that you face.

What people have said about WRAP:

  • I enjoyed the course very much and found it very informative
  • Hoping to carry this out to become more aware of ways to stay well
  • I’ll try to put WRAP in progress
  • The trainers were very good and also very understanding
  • Excellent course
  • Should have a WRAP course at regular intervals to hit base
  • Very useful course that I have been glad to be a part of
  • Trainers were very helpful and encouraging and helped make a relaxing atmosphere
  • Every issue/question answered or further avenues of support suggested
  • Very good
  • Really glad to have done WRAP
  • Worth coming 5 stars!
  • Trainers were both very supportive and explained everything in great detail
  • Thank you!
  • Knowing my rights is useful.
  • Feeling good
  • Confident and contented
  • Excellent, useful and enjoyable few days
  • Provided focused reflection and planning